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We recommend emulsion polishes such as Oz, Guardsman Furniture polish, Clean Guard, Endust. They are all water and petroleum based products that will clean and polish your furniture.

We do not recommend polishes with silicone. Silicone is absorbed into the wood and makes it very difficult to refinish at a later time.

If your piece of furniture had an original wax finish, you could use a wax such as Bri-wax and Min-wax to preserve the wood in the same fashion as it was originally made. However, waxes are not very durable. Placing a water glass or a warm or hot mug on waxed furniture would damage the finish and it would need to be rewaxed.

Sunlight is very detrimental to your wood and finish. It will bleach out the wood very easily over a few years. There isn’t any finish that can eliminate this. The only way to protect it is to position furniture out of direct sunlight or tint the windows to avoid the bright ultraviolet rays.

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