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Often customers have heirloom or antique furniture that has more sentimental value than monetary value. In most cases, refinishing an old piece of furniture does not change the value very much unless it is of very high quality.

If you have a true antique, our professionals can professionally restore it. Ken, Professional Furniture Services’ founder, visited Liverpool England to study conservation and restoration of antique pieces. This type of restoring is specialized to preserve or improve the value of the piece.

For pieces with only sentimental value, we are able to refinish the furniture and restore it to a condition that you will be happy to have in your home and possibly pass along to another generation. When we work with family heirlooms, we restore the condition without “overdoing” such that it loses the integrity of the piece. First you have to ask yourself “Do I want this piece of furniture in my house in the condition that it is in.” If the answer is no because it is in bad condition, then you will have to recondition it or refinish it.

For most older pieces of sentimental value, you would want the piece to look old but not unsightly. Most pieces that are just over hundred years old do not go up much in value. In this case, refinishing does not increase the monetary value of the item as much as it preserves the sentimental value. This is a personal decision that is up to each individual.

You may want to contact someone in your area to have an appraisal done if you feel the piece is of high quality and needs special attention.


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